Thursday, 24 October 2013

Marian's quilt #3

Enters Marian Senekal with her perfect patchwork and applique again. I love quilting for Marian and I have previously done 2 other quilts for her.

This is a kaleidoscope quilt originally from a book but I assisted her in customizing the design to suit her needs.


Happy quilting!

Eldorette's quilts

Eldorette made this beautiful quilt in my Mixed Class for her table top. She then asked that I quilt it for her...

Happy Quilting!

Yvonne's quilts

Oh how the time flies!!!  I've been busy, busy, busy...

This is two quilts I did for Yvonne's grand daughters. Loved them!

The pics below are from Yvonne. She also made matching pillow case with machine embroidered designs on for the girls.

Happy Quilting!